About Form2
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Ezra Taxel's bio

Form 2 is Design: Furniture, interior installations, and consumer products. At any stage of the process— from the first spark of an idea to a finely finished piece.

    Form 2 is Versatility: Service suited to the one-of-a-kind and manufactured needs of building professionals, product designers, manufacturers, businesses (large and small) and individuals for whom functional, sustainable quality goes without saying.
  • new product design
  • product re-design
  • product line design planning
  • 3-D modeling, rendering, construction drawings (Solidworks)
  • materials and manufacturing sourcing
  • complete project management

Form 2 is Ezra Taxel: Since 2006, Form 2 founder and principal designer. A keen eye for how we live and use objects coupled with a deep sense of the interplay between the human form and built forms and materials. A level of engagement with clients that leads to satisfying solutions, with remarkable efficiency. Ezra’s bio.


It’s simply everyday design and business practice at Form 2, from bringing intense experience with recycled and upcycled materials into client solutions to carpooling or biking to work.

reclaimed wood detail